The Numerical Simulation Reactor Research Project (NSRP) consists of eight research task groups, and its activities covers a wide range of simulation subjects including 3D equilibrium and its stability, high energy particle physics, plasma heating, plasma transport, micro and macro turbulence, burning plasma physics, periphery plasmas, plasma-wall interaction, other basic plasma physics supporting fusion science, and simulation methodology.

group01 1. Plasma Fluid Equilibrium Stability Group
The purpose of the group is to study the properties of magnetically confined fusion plasmas in the aspects of ...more >>
group02 2. Energetic Particle Group
Energetic particle group studies energetic particle physics in toroidal plamas via computer simulation. Important subjects of the simulation studies are@...more >>
group03 3. Integrated Transport Simulation Group
Extending physics understandings for the energy confinement beyond a scaling law is mandatory to increase ...more >>
group04 4. Neoclassical and Turbulent Transport Simulation Group
We promote the gyro-kinetic, drift-kinetic and/or fluid model simulation studies on turbulent and neoclassical ...more >>
group05 5. Peripheral Plasma Transport Research Group
Our group develops theoretical models and simulation codes related to plasma transport in LHD SOL/divertor....more >>
group06 6. Plasma-Wall Interaction Group
Tungsten material is one of promising candidates for divertor plates in nuclear fusion reactors. Bubble formation is observed on the surface ...more >>
group07 7. Multi-Hierarchy Physics Group
Multiple space-time scales are contained in motions of plasma, thereby, it is difficult to fully and effectively describe plasma phenomena with one physical ...more >>
group08 8. Simulation Science Basis Group
We research three-dimensional scientific visualization technology to visualize the simulation and experiment results, and to contribute to the device design ....more >>