5. Peripheral Plasma Transport Group

Our group develops theoretical models and simulation codes related to plasma transport in LHD SOL/divertor. We employ a three dimensional fluid code to realize a transport simulation in realistic configuration and aim at understanding of peripheral transport physics and its application to improvement of plasma performance. Physics involved in global plasma transport such as recycling of hydrogen, plasma-wall interaction, erosion/redeposition of plasma-facing walls and impurity transport are investigated to develop a set of transport codes for peripheral regions.Recent research topics are as follows;

A. SOL/divertor plasma in LHD by 3D fluid code EMC3-EIRENE.
B. Boundary plasma modeling by a 1D fluid code.
C. Kinetic effect on plasma-wall interaction in sheath plasma by a PIC code and a particle tracing code.
D. Impurity transport simulation from plasma-facing components by Monte-Carlo code ERO.

EMC3-EIRENE code has been extended to SOL/divertor plasma of LHD and a code verification test showed that electron temperature profile in the left figure is consistent with the connection length distribution in the right figure.