3. Integrated Transport Simulation Group

Extending physics understandings for the energy confinement beyond a scaling law is mandatory to increase the predictability for further enhancement of the plasma performance in present LHD experiment, and then to design fusion-reactor scenario. For this purpose, an integrated transport analysis suite, named TASK3D-a (analysis version), has been developed. The calculation procedure employed in TASK3D-a (ga01h as the first version) is schematically shown. It consists of 4 parts, LHD Data interface, 3D equilibrium, heating, and energy/momentum balance analysis. The manual of TASK3D-a01 is available as NIFS-Memo 61 (Nov., 2012), http://www.nifs.ac.jp/report/nifsmemo.html.

Calculation Procedure of the TASK3D-a01, Integrated Transport Analysis Suite for LHD Plasmas.